Electric Brake Controller 12V RBC-12 (LV1409)

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The Powercon LV1409 is a brilliant 12V remote head electric brake control unit and is an exceptional value compared to other units on the market.


Features include:

• This is Powercon's new generation of brake controller which operates in a pre-set braking force utilising microprocessor technology.

• It is designed for both single and dual axle trailers using a negative earth (ground) system only.

• Rugged and compact, this newly designed brake controller can be easily installed with the simple connection of four wires and comes with a remote control.

• Remote control is simple to install and makes adjusting and monitoring the brakes even easier. Can be located up to a metre from the brake controller.

• This model incorporates an override function for independent braking of the trailer from the vehicle brakes, helping to prevent potentially dangerous swaying and snaking.


This unit is compatible with Redarc Tow Pro Switch Inserts to make fitting the remote head easier/neater in modern vehicles.